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douglas communications systems mixing console

    PA Systems & More in Adelaide

    As a locally owned and operated company, we know what our customers want, and we go out of our way to deliver it. Our extensive range of projectors, sound systems and audio equipment means you always get the best quality products from an experienced and knowledgeable team of experts.

    Array Systems

    douglas communications systems line array


    A first-rate piece of equipment with an awesome sound!

    • Simple, safe, and quick to set up
    • Made from top-quality birch plywood
    • Fully weatherized for portable or fixed installation, ground stacked or flown
    • Class 'H' power amplifier with short circuit protection, dynamic clip, overload, and thermal protection
      douglas communications systems Line array


      Recommended where maximum output and the highest sound quality are required.

      • Outstanding performance
      • Technical reliability
      • Open, natural sound quality, and exceptionally wide coverage
      • Ideal for a wide variety of venues, ranging from stadium, touring and theatres.
        douglas communications systems line array


        The most popular and best-selling line array in our range. Its powered line array system belongs to the "BUTTERFLY" axial symmetry structure.

        • Utilises distortion-free wavefront coverage technology
        • Fantastic for long-distance sound reinforcement, and avoids interference at most; therefore, it is very helpful in enhancing the fidelity of sound sources
        • Vertical direction is very sharp and 8 degrees only, the narrow sound-bind can get the audience easily, and the SPL hardly changes in large areas
        • Can be fully weatherized for portable or fixed installation, ground stacked or flown
        • Numerous applications - touring, concert, theatres, opera houses, stadiums, churches, etc
          douglas communications systems Line array


          this is a great compact line array system. The whole system is outstanding in a mini size - lightweight but powerful.

          • Comprised of one powered sub, and three or four pcs passive two-way full range top speakers
          • Stable output power
          • Super high-fidelity and clear slew rate
          • Wide and even frequency
          • Can be used either in stacked or flown configuration
          • Ideal for band touring, cinema, church, parties, conferences, etc.
            douglas communications systems Line array


            this smaller system consists of a powered sub and passive full range speaker. It is very popular and excellent value for money.

            • Can be installed by frame simply owing to the compact cabinet and lightweight.
            • Excellent response frequency helps the V5 series to achieve high fidelity and perfect sound coverage successfully
            • Suits smaller conference halls, churches, studios, restaurants, KTV, etc.

              Speakers and Subwoofers

              douglas communications systems speakers V series

              V Series

              The V Series' virtual acoustic wave source and practical design makes it suitable for both portable and permanent installations, such as medium to large-scale sound applications in clubs, bars, cinemas, churches, parties, conferences, and halls. It has huge power!
              The top-of-the-range loudspeaker is available in black and comes in 10", 12" and 15" with a sound that has to be heard to be believed!

              douglas communications systems speakers SV series

              SV Series

              This delivers two-way full range sound, reflex low-frequency radiation and a highly efficient and quality driver. It is ideal for use in conferences, at a bar, disco or club and has excellent portable performance. It comes in black or grey and is available in 10", 12", or 15".
              The 2 x 18" subwoofer is highly efficient and a quality driver with an impressively powerful output. It can be used in bars, discos, clubs, and as a portable or permanent installation. It is available in dual 15" or 18" and comes in black or grey.

              douglas communications systems speakers plastic loudspeaker

              Plastic Loudspeaker

              This features a two-way full-range, high-quality driver, and the engineered plastics enclosure makes it suitable for fully weatherized applications. It can be used in conference halls, discos and at portable performances. Available in 15" or 12", it's great for small hires.

              douglas communications systems speakers stage monitors

              Stage Monitors

              The SR Monitor is available in 15".

              Mixing Consoles

              Mixing Consoles

              We stock the biggest brands in mixer technology and have a size to suit every customer, from 12 channels to 42. We can also supply the latest digital mixer technology.

              Microphones / Portable PA

              We can supply:

              • Radio microphones
              • Corded microphones
              • Portable PA
              • Industrial microphones
              douglas communications systems amplifiers PASystem


              We stock power amplifiers designed for passive speakers and line array systems. Contact us for more information about power output and our range of amplifiers.

              We stock 100v line PA system amplifiers and mixers for new installation or for replacing an existing amplifier.

              LED Lighting

              We stock a wide range of LED lighting to suit outdoor to small wall-wash lights. Call for more information on the range and exact specifications.


              We can supply and install a wide range of projectors to customers in and around Adelaide and Brisbane. We also provide electronic projector screens to suit all projectors, large or small.

              For more comprehensive guidance on any of our product range, call the expert team at Douglas Communications Systems today on 08 8251 3919 or 0408 844 600
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